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Dorri, at the side of the leading brands

Dorri has an important portfolio of customers belonging to different sectors; these companies are some of the most highly regarded in their respective business areas.

We work for companies in the paper, engine and hydraulic pump industries, as well as for as manufacturers of electronic material and off-plan products, among others.

Our customer-oriented work makes it possible for us to offer individually tailored solutions based on the needs of each project.

Energy, maritime, lifting, valve, papermaking and bearing.

Energy – Power generation plants:

• Hydraulics – Waterfall-based power generation plants.
• Co-generation – Power generation plants based on combustion engines or turbines.
• Maritime – Electrical generators.

Lifting – Building of different components for lift systems.

Valves – Hi-tech valve machining for high-pressure services and special applications.

Bearings – Machining of friction bearings, using different alloys and with wide range of lubricants for a wide range of uses.

Paper – Manufacture of assemblies for types of paper inserters for cutting machines.